January 2017 – A month in review

Oh January – Typically a month that nobody likes, consists of Blue Monday and many more failed attempts at New Years Resolutions…

Aside from all that, I have actually had a very productive start to 2017. For those that don’t know, I’m running the Manchester Marathon on 2nd April. Training has gone relatively well so far; I’ve raced 2 PB’s @RunThroughUk events, attended 3 Nike Speed Runs and I’ve met some great people along the way.

I’ve made my own plan this time round which has chopped and changed but I’m glad that I incorporated more core and speed work alongside the usual LSR’s (and rest)!

The Plan


WEEKS 1-2 After slowly building up mileage over Xmas, my first week in 2017 included a 19km LSR as practice for the Victoria Park Half marathon, the following Saturday. All went well and I was happy with my time. Race day was freezing cold & frosty in Hackney – which made for perfect running conditions. RunThrough events are slowly becoming my favourite races – always well organised and always a friendly atmosphere.

The race went better than planned, I actually enjoyed the 6.5 laps as there’s always someone ahead of you to keep pace. I finished with a time of 01:36:25 – delighted! It was great to finally meet Lee Kemp @LeeKemp29Kemp at the end of the race too.

WEEK 3 Feeling good after the half marathon I stupidly didn’t rest for another 5 days. Wednesday marked the return of Nike Speed Run which I was very very excited for, however my legs were so heavy from the previous few days training. It was good to be back on  a track for the first time since school! I met so many people, and this has become my favourite session of the week. If you are London based… check them out (see summary)!


After Wednesday I made use of some rest day’s, preparing my legs for the 10km race at Finsbury Park on Sunday. Another freezing cold morning, I was up and off early to make my way to North London. A smaller event than the Victoria Park and no where near as flat – this was another brilliant Run Through event. This time I met Lee again before the race, along with finally meeting Baz and Kaya. I set off just behind Lee intending to try keep up with him for as long as possible.

The hill was horrible and draining, however I made great time and with 1km left to go I knew a PB was possible. With a tough finish I managed to cross the line in 22nd plae – 42:03 – a 2 second PB!!

Another great medal for the first RunThrough Finsbury 10km. I would recommend these races to anyone – they are made by runners for runners and inclusive of all abilities.


I had a fairly steady last week in January. Happy with my 2 races, I had 2 light sessions before the Nike Speed again on Wednesday. The main part of this session was 20 x 200m at around 5:30min/mile pace.  My form has improved drastically from these and I’m more aware of how I’m running during all my sessions. Again, I would recommend these to anyone, they’re free and open to all abilities.


2 days of painful DOMS followed, with an easy 6km run on Friday and then my longest, farthest run since March 2016. 26Km in 2:15 and I actually felt ok. I managed to keep at a comfortable pace with laps of Battersea and Hyde Park, still wary of the slight niggle still in my heel.

February Plan I’m still yet to book a race for Feb, however I am determined to run at least one race per month in 2017.

I’ll look to be stepping up my long runs – eventually reaching 30km and looking forward to more Nike Speed on Wednesday’s


If you want to try Run Through – check their social media @RunThroughUK

If you want to join a Nike session check here http://www.nike.com/gb/en_gb/c/running/nike-run-club

I still consider myself new to London – Where can I do my LSR? I struggle when I get to 25km+ on where is best to run?

Core workouts – Any recommendations for new workouts?

See you in Feb




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