Flipbelt Review

So back in January I tweeted that I was on the look for a new waist belt; primarily to carry my phone, keys, card and snacks during long runs. The response looked something like this…

Which meant…I bought a flip belt. Simples. Once the purchase was confirmed on Twitter I had a few people ask me to let them know what it’s like, so here we are. £25 for a bit of material that fits around your waist just to carry a few (non)essentials seems fairly expensive, but I’ll definitely get my monies worth on first judgement.

The Fit

Probably the most important aspect and I’m glad to say it is perfect. Short runs or long runs the belt just does not move. You really cannot feel it, and that’s when it’s stuffed with jelly babies,  bank card, phone, gopro and keys.

Design & Functionality

Easiest way to describe the belt is simple. A tubular belt that you step into, fits snug around the waist and has 4 slits where you place your items. That’s essentially all it is. But it works very, very well.

There’s a range of colours from black to lime green and a range of sizes too. I have a Medium fit for 30-32″ waist.

The design makes it incredibly easy to take out your phone/keys and put them back in. Occasionally I struggled with the jelly babies, but nothing too painful! The one downside, if any is that the smaller items (jelly babies) tend to move to the front of the belt mid run. Now, although there’s 4 different openings, the belt is just one big open section. I think separate pockets would work better, and still be big enough for phones and small water bottles.

Aside from that, everything else is brilliant. Nothing feels like it will fall out, you can hardly feel the belt whilst running and it’s very practical.

It hold a lot of gear, I’ve heard up to 20 gels?! So far though it’s comfortably handled jelly babies, sweets, phone, gopro, keys and bank card for me – with plenty room to spare.

Another last positive, it’s washable. Because of the material and fit it can get sweaty after a run. But that is expected with the tight fit, enabling the belt to remain still on the body.


It’s a great bit of kit I’d say now an essential for long distance runners. I’ve also used it in the gym and again I have no complaints.

If you’re worried about the cost, try one and leave the tags on. That’s what they recommended to me 🙂

Let me know if you have one/get one

What’s your thoughts on the belt?

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NOTE *I’ve joined http://www.redsquirrelrun.com please check them out and the other members of the team!!*


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