A – Z of 2017 in Running

2017 has been my first full year of running. Most people seem surprised when I say that, although I ran my first marathon in 2016 – I later had4 months of 0 exercise, losing interest and motivation in running.

Here is an A-Z of my running year for 2017! Outside of running, 2017 has been complete @£!% however running has been a constant throughout and majorly a success. Running has been my coping mechanism, my hobby, my stress release and my enjoyment;

A – Absolute 360. I started 2017 by becoming an ambassador for Absolute360. Umberto is a great guy, passionate and I thank him for the opportunity. Their clothing is great and I know many people that have tried and tested (highly recommend calf sleeves)

Absolute 320 calf sleeves

B – Berlin. No brainer really, my first of the marathon majors and my current 3:26 PB. It wasn’t my favorite marathon but still enjoyed the trip and city as a whole –  BERLIN BLOG

C- Cheering. When you don’t run, you cheer! This year I went to Brighton marathon and London marathon to cheer as well as other 10ks and half marathons. It’s great to be on the other side helping others and watching others push through the pain barrier. Cheering is a great way to show support and I will be doing the same next year!

D – Double marathon. I ran two marathons in 2017 and both I am very proud of. It is something I want to carry on, with an International race and a domestic race.

E- Endorphins. As mentioned, this year outside of running hasn’t been all that great. But running has helped. The endorphins clear your mind and give you that boost when needed most. It’s therapy. Always

Finsbury 10k

F- Finsbury park – My first 10km race of the year and was my PB up until my last 10km race of the year. This was the start of a great year and another successful runthrough event! Great to meet Lee, Baz & Kaya too.

G – Great Newham 10km. My first race with the majority of WildBunch crew. One of the hottest days of the year (or so it felt) I bumped into Anna at the start and ran the first 6k together chatting away. Amazing to finish on the home stretch in the Olympic stadium. Recommend this GreatRun race for 2018.

Great Newham 10km

H – Hackney. Gifted a free place the night before, I ran this 2 weeks after Manchester marathon… mistake! Hip felt tight throughout and the narrow, twisty course seem to intensify the pain. I am going back in 2018 as an official pacer and cannot wait to hit that 1:55:00 target.


I – Instgram. Yep Instagram has played a huge part in 2017. I’ve met so many people through Instagram and also appeared in Runners’ World because of it. The support from Instagram is incredible and can really help with motivation and running mojo.

J – “JustRun”. The perfect mantra for those times when motivation is lacking. Sometimes we get caught up with pace, gps, strava etc and forget to just go out and run. I noticed this on runners need and their tees and I love it. Huge thanks to them for this year too.


K- Kilometres. I haven’t looked at how many KM’s I have covered this year but I do know that I have raced 2 marathons 6 halves etc etc! All those KM’s covered are a great way to look back on the year. Strava link

L – London Marathon. I have cheered at the marathon for the 2 years and I am SO lucky to have won a place for the 2018 event through New Balance. The crowds are amazing as is the route and hopefully the  2018 medal!

M – Manchester Marathon. My favourite marathon to date and also the biggest meet up of any race. Such a great day with those from UKRunChat and the whole race itself. Definitely a PB course and some of the best crowds I have witnessed. I will be back again one year. Manchester Blog

N – NRC. NikeRunClub was my first run club experience. Yes I was nervous about turning up on my own and not knowing anyone but I loved it.  Their speed sessions played a huge part in my marathon training. Unfortunately they have now finished but the LondonsFastest events with Beefy also proved how great NRC is.


O – Overpronation. My main issue with running so far. I cannot find the perfect trainer to help my gait and tried lots of different method. I regular get blisters on the inside of my feet and trying my best to “correct” my running style.

P -Parkrun. I don’t attend parkrun as often as I should, but they’re great and everyone should try them once, runner or not. 5km is a horrible, painful distance but thankfully I smashed my sub 20 goal this year. Sub 19 before 2019??

Q – QEOP. I temporarily lived here in 2013 but hadn’t been back until this year. So many races have been around the park and I’ve loved them all. It’s a great venue and I’d recommend the RunThrough and Race Organiser races held here.


R – RunThroughUK RunnersWorld RunnersNeed. Yep all 3. Firstly RunThrough are my favourite events team. I love their races and also the team behind their events. I highly recommend these to anyone wanting to race, they’re affordable with great medals and even better flapjack! RunnersWorld – I somehow made it into runners world as one of the 25 most influential people in running. Besides the controversy this caused I am very proud of this article. I run because I love it and I do try to show that on social media and interact with all other runners too. Runners Need have been great to me since winning a competition to run Royal Parks with them. I have a good relationship with their social media team and hoping there may be more things to come next year!


S – Socials. Running is not an individual sport. Other runners are great motivation, influences and also very good drinkers. Running in groups definitely helps to keep interest especially in the midst of marathon training.


T – The Wild Bunch. When NRC finished in May I, and plenty more people were devastated.  A few of us got together and decided to keep coming to track at the same time, same week and still do our own sessions. Eventually this grew week by week and we now run every  Wednesday from Paddington rec at 7pm. Anyone is welcome and it’s always a tough but fun session, that finishes at the pub. Win win

U – UKRunChat. The most helpful bunch of people on the whole internet. If you ever need any questions answered or any advice on any part of running then they’re your answer. Every race will include a meet up as well and it really has made running into a social sport.


V – Victoria Park. I ran my first half marathon here in January and then ran my last race of 2017 here as a 10km PB. It’s a flat course in a great park and definitely worth looking at if you want a quick time. Also my first race of 2018.


W – WildTR. Another run club/group. Monday nights, Holland Park hill sessions became a massive part of Berlin marathon training. Sessions are always brutal and very beneficial. Monthly long runs around the outskirts of London also provide great trail runs that you’d never know about on your own!


X – X Training. That works right? This year I incorporated different training other than just running and it helped keep motivation and interest. HIIT classes as Ministry and Barry’s provide a grueling workout and also swimming and cycling whilst injured during Manchester marathon training.


Y – Yasso 800s – Clutching at straws a little now, however one this is of my favourite track sessions. 10 800m repeats with 400m active recovery in between each one. Your average time for the 800s is supposedly a good measure of your marathon capability. E.g. run your 800s in 3 minutes 30 seconds that should equate to a marathon of 3 hours 30 minutes.

Z – Zatopek Phenomenon. I came across this term whilst tapering for Manchester marathon. I was injured and obvious maranoia took over. However, this looks at the importance of rest before a race. Training hard is important but so is resting to ensure you are fully prepared.


2017 ended with PB’s across all distances! It has been a great year and great to meet so many new people through running. Hoping for more of the same next year. X




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