Selling My London Marathon Medal

Great insight as to why people buy/sell running medals (London marathon 2018)

Seen this a few times but TheMorningCoffeeRun looks into this brilliantly. Why do you think people do this? Have you bought or sold medals?

The Morning Coffee Run


After the London Marathon has been packed away for another year and people begin to drift back to their daily lives, slightly chaffed, a strange thing starts to happen: medals from the iconic race start to appear on eBay. I’ve always found this very bizarre, why sell and crucially why buy something earned through sweat, pain and hard work. I wanted to understand, so I put my own London Marathon medal up for sale.

Don’t worry I had no intention of parting with it and removed it before the selling date but by putting it up for auction I could directly talk to those bidding, giving me a better chance of understanding why people wanted my sweat stained memorabilia.

Most of the five bidders didn’t want to discuss the why but two did and offered very differing points of views.

The first had completed the marathon and wanted a second medal to…

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One comment

  1. Interesting article. I would only consider selling race medals if I was in a financial situation where I need the extra money. However, medals aren’t a particularly sacred part of the race experience for me – it’s the race/bib number that I really cherish.

    I think it’s something about it having literally gone the distance with me? I have started writing my finish time, date/location (if not already on the bib) and any relevant notes (e.g. a PB, if I blew up at the end) and then laminating them and putting on my wall. For me, it triggers memories of the event a lot more vividly than the medal does.


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